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Government ERP system for e-Procurement

Our award winning e-Procurement System empowers clients across industries to automate the procurement process through rich domain knowledge and a flexible & agile workflow based procurement engine. This is the most advanced e-Procurement solution in the market to achieve 100% user adoption and automates the entire procurement process from catalogue management to order requisition all the way through fast approval workflows, PO delivery, receipt of goods, spend analytics, and beyond.

Integrated solution to unleash the Power of Procurement

Ankur Softech Solutions has strived to establish a flexible, extensible enterprise-wide architecture to integrate your procurement flow, synchronize your teams with relevant information and manage high-impact activities with a complete technology backbone for all distributed activities in the procurement lifecycle.

Tools used in e-procurement
e-Marketplace :

Powered by an advanced database of product information, easy catalog uploads from suppliers, call-outs that allow users to visit suppliers catalog of available items, this functionality gives users the familiar shopping experience they’re used to while you reap the benefits of up-to-date pricing and item selection.

Actionable analytics :

Built-in procurement dashboards allow the user to track on-contract and check the spend across the entire organisation. You can view spend by category, vendor, geography, or business unit for easier analysis. Use the data to find opportunities where approval times can be accelerated, get more spend under management, and monitor supplier performance, all from one platform.

Strategic sourcing :

Our sourcing functionality delivers automated capabilities so you can be more strategic about how you request bids, host sourcing events, and connect with new suppliers.

Purchase-to-Pay Solution :

Manage all your buying, approvals, compliance, payments, and vendors through a digital procurement process.

Ankur’s Purchase-to-Pay :

Is a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes to automate their end-to-end procurement and sourcing processes. It empowers businesses by providing greater transparency and oversight into the purchasing process.

Allied Services

We also deal in Digital Signature Certificates though our strategic partners. Digital Signature Certificate authenticates your identity electronically. It also provides a high level of security for online transactions by ensuring absolute privacy of the information exchanged using a digital certificate. One can use certificates to encrypt information such that only the intended recipient can read it. Digitally signed information assures the recipient that it has not been changed in transit, and also allows the recipient to verify the identity of the message sender.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is essential for companies and organizations that take part or intend to take part in e-Procurement processes on various government sites.

Benefits of e-Procurement

Our software solution covers every step of procurement — from requisition to approval, vendor communication and relationship management, payment, and reporting. Implementation is easy and rapid, with superb legacy integration capabilities, and minimal training required for any level of user.

The services are available on

Our government e-procurement system is an end-to-end system that handles your entire procurement process, from requirements to ePayment and contract management. It significantly drives up the efficiency of procurement by automating administration, removing duplication, reducing time-to-procure, and increasing competition.

Integrated, secure and flexible

Our enterprise eProcurement system is the result of 15 years of experience delivering procurement solutions with public sector and private sector organisations.

Digitisation of your processes gets rid of a number of manual steps while accelerating your workflow and reducing careless errors. Digitisation itself can reduce processing costs by up to 70% in an organisation.

  • Increase overall transaction speed
  • Standardise the purchasing experience
  • Prevent fraud
  • Provide 100% spend visibility
  • Get better quotes from suppliers
  • Minimum 20% cost savings on the tendering and purchase process
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