Electronic Auction System

About AuctionWizard


AuctionWizard is a premier e-auction application that is robust, feature-rich and encompasses end-to-end management of the auction lifecycle. This includes creation of auction catalogues, auction calendar complete with details of auction start date, expiry date and minimum bid amounts, corrigendum announcements and auction award processes. It emulates and automates the real life auction bidding without complexities on an online platform, thereby allowing organisations and buyers to leverage the effectiveness and efficacy of a 100% web-based product.

A few notable highlights of the product are:

  • Support forward and reverse Auctions
  • Flexibility extending to re-auctioning & extensions
  • Secure bidding in real time environment
  • Dynamic client and vendor database management with integrated email and SMS features
  • E-Payment and net banking facilities for safe money transfers
  • Transparent, speedy transactions

AuctionWizard possesses a smooth information flow and unified component s that help automate the entire manual auctioning approach, enabling seamless transparency and confidentiality across departments whilst facilitating adoption of best practices in public procurement. Built around stringent security, AuctionWizard is virtually immune to security hazards.

Many organisations have benefited immensely from AuctionWizard and have been steadfast in their efforts to cut costs and maximize value by conducting auction events. AuctionWizard has assisted prominent organisations with their auctions, delivering greater ROI and instilling higher transparency into the auctioning processes.