Electronic Auction System

For Sellers

For Sellers

An electronic auction system will usher in much needed transparency in existing systems, simplify procedures, streamline the selling process, and cut down selling costs. The unified solution will cover the entire auction cycle from lot preparation, auction catalogues, web-enabled auction monitoring, evaluating and awarding

The e-auctioning model will provide services that facilitate e-Selling and e-Disposal. The proposed online system will provide information about all aspects of e-selling with detailed sale notice, online dynamic bid submission, and online Bidder registration allowing Bidders to participate in an e-Auction with ease.

E-AuctionWizard is a multi-user web-based auction software system that enables departments to realize maximum value from their auctions. It combines cutting-edge technology that is delivered over the web and proactive support to ensure departments generate maximum ROI from their auctioning objectives.

E-AuctionWizard’s interface includes a dashboard, the event logs, current bid value, auction start time, auction end time, buyer department name, extensions and their predefined numbers. Allows preparation of e-Auction catalogue with items and schedule.

It is exclusively designed for forward auctions conducted by departments. However, it also supports reverse auctions for rank and value-based bidding. Rank bidding wherein bidders bid for rank position among the participating bidders, and Value bidding wherein bidders bid in value/figures for the H1 position.

Delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model and conforming to auctioning norms set by the Government of India, this solution includes all necessary infrastructure facilities, including a data canter provided and maintained entirely by the service provider.